Rita Hoang

Evan Hoang-Le 10 years old

My son wakes up at 6:30am during the week just to meet his friends and Filma at Sensational Kids! I love the fact that when I pick up my son, his homework is completed so I can take him to Karate, go home and have dinner and put him to bed. On days that I work late I appreciate their extended hours until 8pm and when I run late, I know my son’s taken care of with a phone call that I am running behind. School holidays, Evan already tells me that he’s coming to Sensational Kids…..if only they were opened on the weekends, I think that’s where he’d rather be. On Karate nights, all the kids together makes sure they remind Evan to change into his Karate Uniform so when I arrive at 6:10 we take off to without being late. What place does that! Thanks Filma, Rachel and all the counsellors for caring for my son like I would. I can worry about work and know that Evan is learning and having a good time with good friends and wonderful counsellors.

Crystal Alvarez

We put our 3 kids: Samuel, 11; Katiana, 8 and Abner 6 for summer camp at Sensational Kids Program summer of 2014. My kids made more friends than in their regular school year and Filma is their 2nd mom. My kids have not slept over anywhere and finally, their first sleepover is at Sensational Kids Program when Filma and the Counselors and the parents ended the summer camp with a sleepover party. The kids enjoyed the swimming, weekly trips and all the outdoor and indoor activities organized each day for the kids. Thanks Filma and your Counselors!! They want to come back next summer!!